Sign Language.

I’ve been in a Sign Language class for school.  It’s not a requirement but it will replace a B with an A for one of my pre-requisites but that is just a bonus.  I took it because I think my hearing loss has gotten worse in the last year.  I’m having a hard time hearing stuff even with the hearing aids.  They are at the same setting they have been at for awhile and with exception of my Microbiology teacher (who lectures like we are in a hall of 200 not a room that only fits 40) I keep having to have people repeat their questions especially if I cannot see them when they speak.

So I think I am picking it up pretty good but I want more experience and have seriously thought about going to a church that has several deaf people in it to get more experience.  I already try to go to the socials they have at the book store but its so overwhelming.  I don’t think church would be less overwhelming but it would be a lot of idle chatter and that is all I am ok at right now.  

One thing I wonder is why have i never heard about deaf people in the bible?  I am sure there must have been a lot since some of the ways to become deaf are the mother getting rubella while pregnant or the child getting an illness like meningitis as a child and of course there is hereditary deafness also. 

Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right place?  Maybe they are hiding with the mention of kangaroos?

I am really enjoying learning a new language.  Though it really pushes my limits with the public speaking thing because when I have to get up in from the class and sign something.  “Speaking” in a new to me language in front of 40 other people is 100 time worse than doing it in my own language.  :sigh:

So church with deaf people for the language experience, is this a bad reason to go?