The Comment that Warranted a Post

So I am replying to a comment and realize this is a post worthy reply I am crafting here.  

The comment posted by Brittany here is as follows:  

Indeed, I did know that. :) However, Jesus isn’t regarded as fully man and fully God as he is in Christianity.

And it might interest you to know that at conception, a baby already has its own unique DNA separate from the mother (eye/skin/hair color [everything] is already determined), the heartbeat begins before the 21st day, the foundation for every organ is established by 3 weeks, and the real scientific fact is that life begins at conception. Not at some arbitrary number that someone picks out, whether it be 40 days, after birth, 4 years, or when that person is no longer a teenager. The embryo is less developed that you and I, but it is exactly at the right stage of development as it should be. The stage we were both once at and that everyone goes through. Inconvenience shouldn’t determine whether or not we “have a soul” or are truly a “person.” And if you check out in utero images and legit scientific books, it pretty much throws that whole “mass of cells” argument out the window. :)


I do know all of those things- but along with that I also know that if life begins at conception (and scientifically pregnancy begins at conception) then the body aborts life all the time because conception often happens and implantation does not.
So that would leave me to wonder if god considers life to begin at conception then why is all life not given a chance? Why do all pregnancies not end in babies? I am not even talking viable living babies – I am talking why do they not all implant and why do 20% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage? Is this a flaw in his design? Or is it because god has something to teach that family? In which case god has created life for the sole purpose of taking life?

Also doesn’t god know EVERYTHING? So why create life in someone whom he already knows is gong to take that life? If it is the devil tricking people into making bad decisions – are you saying that the Devil is more powerful that god?

So your all-knowing god creates life to take life  and when knowing life will be taken he is powerless to stop it?


He Wants You To Fit In

There are 2 Christian Radio stations that I have found locally that I have been listening to.  I prefer the talk show based one since it has more talk radio and more religious music versus the “trying to be mainstream” Christian music station.  I was listening to one of the local religious radio stations last Friday  and the host said something that really moved me.

“He doesn’t want you to get in, He wants you to fit in.”

The host went on to talk about how at the Second Coming when Jesus comes you will get a new body, all your ailments will disappear, your body will be perfect, but your character is yours.  Character is something that one needs to be growing right now because the character you have at the second coming will be your character for eternity.  You get a new perfect body and hopefully your character is worthy of it, but I am not worried about my Character.  I am concerned with not being an outsider.

I don’t fit in.  I won’t fit in.  I have been trying to figure out how to address this for a month and every time I start to write it just doesn’t come out right but now I think I finally have the right words.

I don’t see how, even if I decided there was a God, would I ever fit in?

I do not believe that life begins at conception.  I support the right to have a abortion if a woman wants for whatever reason she wants only because I support the rights of all people, young and old to make their own decisions for their own body.  I support gays; I support them in getting married or civil unions or whatever the government wants to call it.  I don’t think they are bad people and I don’t think they are doing anything wrong just because they love another with the same sex chromosomes as them.  I believe in evolution.  I do not believe that the earth is just 6000 years old or that dinosaurs were just made up by atheist scientists to fool the masses into disbelieving in God.  (OK I’m not sure how many christians believe the 6000 year old Earth and Dino thing but really they come out in droves on the internet).

I know that America is not a Christian Nation built on Christian beliefs and even if we were? We were also a nation of people that at that time believed we could own other people.  Money didn’t have “In God We Trust” on it til the 50’s same with the Pledge of Allegiance; it did not say “One nation under God until then either.  Those changes were brought on by the fear of communism and Cold War.  (I am still not sure what one had to do with the other though- I should probably research that.)  I don’t believe that there should be prayer in school, not for Muslims, not for Mormons, not for Hindus, not for Catholics and not for Christians.  I think that sex education, though primarily the responsibility of the parents, should be taught in schools and that includes teaching about prevention not just abstinence.

It seems that my beliefs on social issues do not align with the bible or with the majority of the Christian populous.  I think that is must be ridiculously hard to be a Scientist, a Gay or Pro-Choice and still believe in a God that apparently doesn’t think you fit in.  I wouldn’t fit in and I don’t see myself changing my beliefs on social issues and from a few of the responses I can tell that though a few other Atheists that have become Christians haven’t changed their core social beliefs.

So even though I enjoy the learning aspect of church and I will still keep going because I do enjoy what I am learning; I still do not agree with most of it; I don’t fit in and I don’t see that changing.

My Questions for You

In the 6 weeks of Lent I shared with you about me and my life; now I want to know about you.

There are some things I want to talk about but without knowing more about the people who read this blog I feel like I would be making grand assumptions.  One thing this challenge has done was remind me that people are different.  Everyone.  Christians only really have two things in common – their belief in the God of their Bible and their belief in Jesus as their Lord and Savior.  Everything else seems to vary.

I don’t know why this was surprising.  I think part of the problem was actually getting too comfy in my Atheist world.  Just like with any other group, when you label yourself and you hang out with people that have the same label you definitely start to participate in groupthink. Groupthink like this takes away from our individuality which is something I pride myself on.  I don’t want to be told by the larger masses what to think and what to do.  I want to be able to make choices for myself without fear of repercussions.

Now on to the getting to know you part.  I have a set of questions I am asking all of my blog readers to answer.  You can either post them in the comments or send them to me via email at victoriousolive [at] me [dot] com

It would be easier for me if you posted in the comments and since some of these questions are hot button topics, please be sure I WILL delete any comments that are inflammatory or even debating.  I don’t want a debate here on this post.  Some of them are just cause I am a sociologist at heart and I want to compile some data that I can’t get from WordPress stats.

1. What religion are you currently? (or lack of religion as the case may be)

2. When did you become this religion? (i.e. how old were you)

3.  Why did  decide that this was the religion (Or lack there of) for you?

4.  Were you previously a different religion and if so why did you change?

5. What is your stance on Abortion?  Why?

6.  What is your stance on a National Health Care Plan in the US?  Why?

7.  What do you think about Gay Marriage?  or Civil Unions and why?

8.   What is your stance on the Death Penalty? Why?

9.  Would you adopt a child (If it was within your means to do so)?  Would you put any restrictions on the type of child?  i.e. must be same race, must be from a mother of the same religion, cannot be mentally disabled, only want a baby, etc

10.  How old are you?

11.  Where in general do you live (like country if out of the US or State if within)

12.  If you live in the US or are a US Citizen outside of the US – what political party do you identify with?

I Know those are some hot button issues but I have a lot of things I have been thinking about and like I said I don’t want to make grand assumptions or sweeping generalizations.
Obviously, it would be unfair to ask these questions without putting myself out there first, so here are my answers to my questions (But I am starting on question 5 because the first 4 have been covered in previous posts or in my about me section)

5. What is your stance on Abortion?  Why?  I am pro-choice.  This doesn’t mean that I am pro-abortion just that I support people being able to make choices for themselves no matter what.  I do not support the government making medical decisions for any person.

6.  What is your stance on a National Health Care Plan in the US?  Why? I think we should have a national health care plan in the US but I Don’t think that the US should try to reinvent the wheel.  At the same time if a government health plan means that the government gets to tell me what I can and cannot do with my body then I prefer that we do not adopt a government plan.  

7.  What do you think about Gay Marriage?  or Civil Unions and why?  I think that marriage is a religious thing and therefore the state should not be performing marriages nor should they be providing additional benefits or services for married couples BUT  I support civil unions for all and additional benefits for people with civil unions.  You got married in a church (or temple)?  Well that is good – you will get the benefits that you God provides to you by being married but to get government benefits you will need to go to the county clerk and recorder and get a civil union.

8.   What is your stance on the Death Penalty? Why?  I support it for the most heinous of crimes.  I think we can all agree on which ones are the most heinous.  I don’t support people sitting on death row or in prison for years getting three hots and a cot on the law-abiding citizens dime either.  Though I am not sure how we should go forward so we are not spending more in prisons then we are on education without making criminals live a life that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

9.  Would you adopt a child (If it was within your means to do so)?  Would you put any restrictions on the type of child?  i.e. must be same race, must be from a mother of the same religion, cannot be mentally disabled, only want a baby, etc  No, but only because we have more than our fair share 😉 Really we wouldn’t because this is something that my husband and I have talked about and since he was adopted he has his own stance on adoption and wouldn’t do it.  

10.  How old are you?  This is actually something I don’t think has come up but I am 35.

11.  Where in general do you live (like country if out of the US or State if within) Colorado (If you haven’t figured that out or didn’t already know that)

12.  If you live in the US or are a US Citizen outside of the US – what political party do you identify with? I’m definitely an Independent.  I hold views that would be considered both Democrat and Republican.