My Religious History

I think it is necessary to tell a little about myself.

Obviously I am an Atheist.  This was not always the case.

I was born sometime ago in Washington state.  My parents had me christened in an Episcopalian church when I was 2 months old.  When I was growing up I remember going to LDS church with my cousins and then eventually attending Lutheran Church with my mom.  I was actually a witness at her Baptism when I was 8 so technically I am my mother’s godmother.*

From about 10-12 we had a church we went to regularly but not every Sunday.  I had gone to vacation bible school a summer or two also but by 6th grade I was done. I didn’t want to go.  I thought the whole thing was silly and really unnecessary because sitting around listening to some guy to talk about something that I felt didn’t pertain to my life was a waste of a perfectly good weekend not to mention a day to sleep in.

For whatever reason my mom didn’t force the issue and I wouldn’t visit a church for actual church services again until I was around 25 years old.†   At that point I had already started a family.  I married a Mormon guy and decided I would try out his church because maybe it would be good for our family (I had 2 kids and a step-son at that point).   I was baptized in the Church of Latter Day Saints when I was 26.

After 2 years of going to church off and on (most every sunday but not always) I truly was still not feeling all these good things everyone talks about.  It was great having friends from church but more and more I felt like I was not myself because I knew deep down I didn’t believe what was being said.  It seemed more ridiculous everyday.

My then-husband and I were taking a class about preparing to go to the temple and it was here in this class that I realized I was 100% not in the right place.  There was a discussion about Hell and how Mormons believe that the only people who go to Hell are the ones who truly know God and Christ is their savior but then deny them.

To me that was the best loophole ever.  So If I stop going and I don’t care then I can’t really know and nothing bad will happen. The day that was the day I quit church and then I haven’t returned in over 6 years.

At first I was what you would call an Apatheist.   Its like being an agnostic (which means you are open to the possibility go gods but just aren’t sure) except you just don’t care.  I didn’t care if there was a God or not.   Apathy mixed with research eventually turned into me becoming an Atheist and that has been who I have truly been since I was about 12 despite trying to convince myself otherwise.

* I find it incredibly funny and ironic that I, the atheist, am the person who traditionally is responsible for my own mother’s religious upbringing.
† I specify here “church services” because I went to a catholic university for my first two years of college and lived in the dorm where the chapel was and spent many nights hanging out in the chapel listening to my good friend play the piano.  I also went to a few churches for weddings.







8 thoughts on “My Religious History

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  2. I am in the Greater Seattle area myself – so you still hail from this area? Obviously you are become to keep your city and location private to keep the creepers away. 🙂

  3. I would like to point out that agnosticism is a little bit different from how you defined it. Agnosticism refers to a lack of knowledge, in this case about the existence of God. So just about everyone, theist and atheist alike is an agnostic because even those who believe in God must take God’s existence on faith, meaning there is no scientific evidence that God exists. Agnostic theists see no scientific proof of God but choose to believe in Him. Agnostic atheists see no scientific prove in God and therefore lack a belief in His existence all together.

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