Just an FYI

As if anyone really thought this was still going, it is obviously not. I am going to officially close this blog. There is no point to it.

I went to the most relaxed and accepting church ever and even started a class that was supposed to “prove” that this god business was the truth. All it did was show me that people are going to believe whatever they want to believe and no matter what all churches are about the same thing. It is a listen to me tell you how it should be situation. It is not open for discussion. Valid concerns are buried with the bible as the shovel. That is not good enough for me. I still decree that if the bible is proof of god then the Harry Potter series is proof of magic.

So I am not sure if I can just archive this or what but eventually it will cease to be. My ownership of the domain temporarychristian.com will go back out into the world because it’s not temporary that I won’t ever be a christian. I am ok with that and hopefully you will be too. No reason to pray for me either because If I am wrong and you are right – then I am here for the reason of not believing and asking your god to change me would be like telling him he did something wrong when he made me and really do you want to question your god’s motives?



In a group I am in on Facebook we were talking about Christian missions and how they seem kinda silly.  People spend lots of money and time to go places to spread the word of god.  I understand as Christians you are called upon by god to spread his word but when you are going to countries where Christianity is already abundant what is the point? It has always seemed to me like an interesting way to get your congregation to pay for your family vacation/homeschooling field trip.  

But my real serious question that came up was why do Christians not actually try to spread the word to the people who really need Christianity?  Why do I only hear about missions to places like South America and Africa usually?  There are a lot of people in these places but a lot of them have not only been introduced to Christianity but are active Christians and many are already there doing missions.  Why don’t I hear about missions to the Middle East?  Isn’t that the real test of your faith?  Really go out there are try to spread the word to people who have no access to your god’s word.  Sure it would be dangerous, but wasn’t it dangerous for Jesus to run around telling everyone he was the son of god? Of course you aren’t as good of a person as Jesus but shouldn’t you, as a Christian, aspire to be as good as Jesus?  Go out and actually experience real persecution.  Not persecution of your faith because a judge decided that gays can get married in your state but the type of persecution where you have to have secret meetings in basements of sympathizers to even share your message and then hope nobody rats you out to the government whose laws are the laws of their majority religion (and by majority I mean only) because you will likely be hunted down and killed.  

What you don’t want to die? Don’t you trust that your god is stronger than the evil and that you are good enough to be saved from that? 

This is where I think that deep down christians do doubt the whole thing – they are not willing to make that sacrifice.  They are not willing to put their life on the line because they do not believe that their god will save them because time and time again christians have seen evil win over and over despite the supposed power of their all-knowing and loving god.  

Axial Tilt

Since the fall semester just ended and quick winter session starts monday I figured now would be a good time to say Merry Christmas/ Bah Humbug.  Yes I celebrate Christmas.  It’s tradition.  I don’t celebrate the birth of Jesus but I sure do like participating in the annual economy boosting ritual that is the time from mid-November to New Year. 

I do think my kittens might be bigger atheists than myself because they take down my tree at least once every few days.  I’m not sure why the vendetta against the tree but between kitten sabotage and the mostly spring-like weather outside I’m not feeling very christmassy.  Maybe if I can manage to get it decorated with more than 10 plastic balls and a soccer scarf then possibly wrap a few presents I would feel more merry and less bah humbug.  

I was thinking of taking the kids to a Christmas eve celebration with singing and candles – i just hope I can find one because I do remember those fondly.  I think it would be an interesting tradition.  Church for the songs, then hot cocoa after (even if it is 60 degrees outside) and maybe drive around and look at some lights.   Though I have little kids and I would like to do this before midnight.   Apparently I have amassed a few christian friends at school that go to church so surely one of them attends one with a 7pm christmas eve singing service?    I guess I should start asking around. 


The Comment that Warranted a Post

So I am replying to a comment and realize this is a post worthy reply I am crafting here.  

The comment posted by Brittany here is as follows:  

Indeed, I did know that. :) However, Jesus isn’t regarded as fully man and fully God as he is in Christianity.

And it might interest you to know that at conception, a baby already has its own unique DNA separate from the mother (eye/skin/hair color [everything] is already determined), the heartbeat begins before the 21st day, the foundation for every organ is established by 3 weeks, and the real scientific fact is that life begins at conception. Not at some arbitrary number that someone picks out, whether it be 40 days, after birth, 4 years, or when that person is no longer a teenager. The embryo is less developed that you and I, but it is exactly at the right stage of development as it should be. The stage we were both once at and that everyone goes through. Inconvenience shouldn’t determine whether or not we “have a soul” or are truly a “person.” And if you check out in utero images and legit scientific books, it pretty much throws that whole “mass of cells” argument out the window. :)


I do know all of those things- but along with that I also know that if life begins at conception (and scientifically pregnancy begins at conception) then the body aborts life all the time because conception often happens and implantation does not.
So that would leave me to wonder if god considers life to begin at conception then why is all life not given a chance? Why do all pregnancies not end in babies? I am not even talking viable living babies – I am talking why do they not all implant and why do 20% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage? Is this a flaw in his design? Or is it because god has something to teach that family? In which case god has created life for the sole purpose of taking life?

Also doesn’t god know EVERYTHING? So why create life in someone whom he already knows is gong to take that life? If it is the devil tricking people into making bad decisions – are you saying that the Devil is more powerful that god?

So your all-knowing god creates life to take life  and when knowing life will be taken he is powerless to stop it?

Sign Language.

I’ve been in a Sign Language class for school.  It’s not a requirement but it will replace a B with an A for one of my pre-requisites but that is just a bonus.  I took it because I think my hearing loss has gotten worse in the last year.  I’m having a hard time hearing stuff even with the hearing aids.  They are at the same setting they have been at for awhile and with exception of my Microbiology teacher (who lectures like we are in a hall of 200 not a room that only fits 40) I keep having to have people repeat their questions especially if I cannot see them when they speak.

So I think I am picking it up pretty good but I want more experience and have seriously thought about going to a church that has several deaf people in it to get more experience.  I already try to go to the socials they have at the book store but its so overwhelming.  I don’t think church would be less overwhelming but it would be a lot of idle chatter and that is all I am ok at right now.  

One thing I wonder is why have i never heard about deaf people in the bible?  I am sure there must have been a lot since some of the ways to become deaf are the mother getting rubella while pregnant or the child getting an illness like meningitis as a child and of course there is hereditary deafness also. 

Maybe I just haven’t looked in the right place?  Maybe they are hiding with the mention of kangaroos?

I am really enjoying learning a new language.  Though it really pushes my limits with the public speaking thing because when I have to get up in from the class and sign something.  “Speaking” in a new to me language in front of 40 other people is 100 time worse than doing it in my own language.  :sigh:

So church with deaf people for the language experience, is this a bad reason to go?  

Same Difference

When we talk about other’s religious history and beliefs we call it folktale and mythology but when we speak of our own religious history it is fact.

The more I read about different religions or beliefs the more I realize everyone has the same stories just slightly different to suit their cultural situations.  It seems more and more like the biggest problem isn’t that everybody disagrees it is that everyone refuses to learn about other cultures and religions.    If everyone just stopped acting so full of themselves as if they have all the answers in their own little book they would realize that everyone else has the same answers.  

Now my question always becomes are those answers universal because of a supreme being or are they universal because just like how no one has to tell you what love, no one has to tell you that taking another’s life is wrong.  


It has been an incredibly long time since my last post as is typical over the last 15 months since we moved to Nevada.  

I am still in school taking a ridiculous amount of credits but I will be applying to the nursing program in the spring for a fall 2014 start so the end isn’t really near but a more normal course load is just around the corner.

I did get a job this semester. I am working in the college’s library.  It is great and gives me about 12 hours a week to get paid to study and do homework. The best part of my new job?  The person I work with the most.  

She is Muslim. It is incredibly fascinating to talk to her about her religion.  I think that most Christians would be amazed to find out how much it is actually like Christianity and how much the American Media distorts our view of this religion.  She is Iranian as is her husband.  Her daughter is Iranian-American, as she was born here and holds duel citizenship. 

Did you know that the Muslim do not believe in abortion but they allow it up to the 40th day after conception because until then they do not believe that the mass of cells in your body has a soul.  If you want an abortion you have to consult with your religious leader (via email is ok) and they will advise you if it is ok or not based on your situation.  This seems pretty reasonable to me.  They are valuing life but have set a specific date when life begins and its pretty scientifically backed up in my opinion. 

Also did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America?  Its not even from immigration – but 30% of their American followers are converts.

But the thing that floored me the most?

Jesus is one of Islam’s prophets! 

Yes, that is right.  You read that correctly.

 Your Christian Lord and Saviour is an Islamic Prophet.

This Easter Thing

I have a few issues with this whole Easter thing. Let’s start with today.

Its called “Good Friday”  but truly what is so good about it?  Sure I get that Jesus had to die for your sins so its good in that regard but the idea that it is good really gets at me.

To me, today feels like a celebration of a death; a celebration of a man being beaten, tortured, humiliated and then after being forced to carry his “death bed” up a hill, nails are actually impaled into his extremities.  Yes this sounds good to me – lets celebrate it.

I am honestly doubting the whole story because 3 hours doesn’t seem like enough time to bleed to death and it isn’t.  In my online research I came across this website about the Crucifixion from a Medical Point of View. Basically it states that crucification wouldn’t have killed Jesus and Jesus essentially willed himself to die.  So a medical doctor says that Jesus’s wounds weren’t severe enough to kill.  You just have to believe that Jesus willed himself to die.

Then he gets put in a tomb and mysteriously disappears.  Everyone believes he rose to heaven but no one saw it and he was just gone.  Maybe someone just stole his body?  Maybe they attempted to revive him with no success and  Jesus is just buried  in some random plot of land?

Why isn’t this a viable suggestion as to what happened to Jesus’s body?

Its more faith.  Faith that everything in the bible is accurate.  I just can’t not question it.  None of it fits together logically no matter how you try to piece it together.  Its like when my 4 year old is putting together a puzzle.  It doesn’t matter that the pieces don’t match up let’s just shove them together and pretend it looks good.

Now do we celebrate Easter here?  Damn right we do.  I am not going to pass up Easter egg hunts and Peeps and a reason to have ham for dinner.  But we are skipping the “resurrection rolls”, the story of a brutal death, and potential body snatchers.

Science vs Religion

In January I started back to school.  I already have a Bachelor’s degree but it is in Sociology and not a science so I have a lot of prerequisites I need to do before I can apply to the School of Nursing.  
I am taking both Biology and Chemistry right now and what I cannot understand is how do scientists combine their belief in a creator with what they know scientifically to be true?  

My chemistry professor has a Master’s in Biochemistry yet from what I have gathered from his Twitter account he is very much a Christian.  I think he might even be Mormon from some of his tweets.  I don’t want to ask him about it because even though my grades are not subjective I don’t want my lack of belief to effect his grading but also it might be slightly inappropriate.

Then my biology professor has a PhD in Marine Biology.  He has to believe in evolution or how else could you really teach it to a 132 people a semester? I only know he is a Christian because I am sure that is not a T he is wearing on his neck everyday. 

How do you believe in evolution and the story of Adam and Eve at the same time?  How can you even be part of a culture that has people actively calling your kind (scientists) fakes and in cahoots with Satan to fool the public in not believing in god?

Like I really do not get it.  

Up and Down.

I have actually made the jump back into going to church.  The same friend I was helping to decide what to give up for Lent I also helped go back to church after about 6 months by asking to go with her.  
She is Episcopalian which is what I was christened as when I was a newbie to the world.  I don’t ever remember going to an Episcopalian church when I was little but if I did it would have been before my parents divorced when I was 2 and I don’t remember anything back that far anyway.  
This was a very different experience.  First we were late which means we snuck in to services but still ended up sitting in the front.  Sitting in the front makes it hard to take furious notes without seeming rude.  It was ok though because after 5 months in a elementary school gym turned church I was busy taking in the very formal church environment.  

Somethings were very familiar from when I was going to Lutheran church back in the 80’s.  There were lots of candles, hymnals and the preaching “staff” were formally dressed in what I am going to call gowns.  
Somethings that were different was they had women participating in more that just the choir. Of the people carrying the candles (not sure of the name) one was a woman and the Deacon is also a woman.

Unlike when I attended Oasis last year this was very formal.  The Deacon assured me since it was the first Sunday of Lent it was more formal than normal but I think their less formal is still way more formal than a non-denominational church like Oasis.  There was a lot of standing and sitting and participation.  The up and down reminded me of not only Lutherans but also Mormons.  Everytime you sing you have to stand up.  Oasis stood up during song but singing only happened at the beginning and end.  
The service was also very formal with entire readings from the bible and less of the comparing it to actual life.  I was having a hard time hearing (and I was distracted by looking around) so all I really caught was a metaphor about how God is that nosy guest who comes over and takes themselves on a tour of your house including all the rooms you don’t want people seeing.  I got the message which was good and I wasn’t offended.  Though of course the Atheist in me thinks God is a creeper always watching you.

I was impressed with the how everyone seemed to be open to everyone else.  They had a gay couple, had people in jeans with tattoos, families and the elderly.  I like when a church actually practices most of what they preach. 

So my first Sunday opinion is it’s Catholic Lite.  All the taste of the Catholics with less of the judgements.