It has been an incredibly long time since my last post as is typical over the last 15 months since we moved to Nevada.  

I am still in school taking a ridiculous amount of credits but I will be applying to the nursing program in the spring for a fall 2014 start so the end isn’t really near but a more normal course load is just around the corner.

I did get a job this semester. I am working in the college’s library.  It is great and gives me about 12 hours a week to get paid to study and do homework. The best part of my new job?  The person I work with the most.  

She is Muslim. It is incredibly fascinating to talk to her about her religion.  I think that most Christians would be amazed to find out how much it is actually like Christianity and how much the American Media distorts our view of this religion.  She is Iranian as is her husband.  Her daughter is Iranian-American, as she was born here and holds duel citizenship. 

Did you know that the Muslim do not believe in abortion but they allow it up to the 40th day after conception because until then they do not believe that the mass of cells in your body has a soul.  If you want an abortion you have to consult with your religious leader (via email is ok) and they will advise you if it is ok or not based on your situation.  This seems pretty reasonable to me.  They are valuing life but have set a specific date when life begins and its pretty scientifically backed up in my opinion. 

Also did you know that Islam is the fastest growing religion in America?  Its not even from immigration – but 30% of their American followers are converts.

But the thing that floored me the most?

Jesus is one of Islam’s prophets! 

Yes, that is right.  You read that correctly.

 Your Christian Lord and Saviour is an Islamic Prophet.


8 thoughts on “Islam

  1. Interesting, isn’t it? 🙂 I studied religion in college and I definitely found Islam to be quite a tolerant religion. It seems as though they view us Jews and Christians as brothers, but perhaps misguided. We all come from the same roots. The religion I grew up with (Judaism) also allows for abortion, but only in such cases where the mother’s health or life would be endangered.

  2. So if Pastafarianism said Jesus was one of their prophets, should that amaze me? It wouldn’t, nor am I floored by the claims of Islam that Jesus is a prophet too. A lot of other religions regard Jesus as a prophet or teacher or good man but not God; Islam isn’t unique in that.

    To me, the most interesting aspect of comparing Christianity and Islam is that the stories start the same and then the first major deviation comes with Abraham and his sons Isaac (through his wife) and Ishmael (through his servant). You know the whole “go sacrifice your son on an altar… psych, here’s a ram to sacrifice instead” story? In Islam, it’s there too, but instead of Abraham and Isaac, it’s Abraham and Ishmael. Ishmael, the child who is rejected and not seen as worthy of the birthright because he was born to the help and not to the wife, is them where the rest of the Islam story stems from, just as Christianity then continues our story through Isaac. That’s what I find most intriguing in my studies.

    Side note: One of the reasons I love the Shola doll from Hearts For Hearts Girls is that she’s a Muslim. Jocelyn and I got to have good conversations about what Shola would have believed if she was a real girl and what we believe. I think the doll can help girls not be scared of Islam because of ignorance (which is where I think a lot of our fears stem from)

    • Yes, I did know that one of the teachings in Islam is that the baby receives his or her soul at 40 days. I just recently studied this. I hope your nursing training goes well. I am glad you wrote again. I always enjoy hearing what you are learning.


  3. Indeed, I did know that. 🙂 However, Jesus isn’t regarded as fully man and fully God as he is in Christianity.

    And it might interest you to know that at conception, a baby already has its own unique DNA separate from the mother (eye/skin/hair color [everything] is already determined), the heartbeat begins before the 21st day, the foundation for every organ is established by 3 weeks, and the real scientific fact is that life begins at conception. Not at some arbitrary number that someone picks out, whether it be 40 days, after birth, 4 years, or when that person is no longer a teenager. The embryo is less developed that you and I, but it is exactly at the right stage of development as it should be. The stage we were both once at and that everyone goes through. Inconvenience shouldn’t determine whether or not we “have a soul” or are truly a “person.” And if you check out in utero images and legit scientific books, it pretty much throws that whole “mass of cells” argument out the window. 🙂

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