Temptation is Everywhere

I cannot imagine being someone who is actually doing something like giving up solid food or something that really is hard to give up like cigarettes or drugs.   Food you need to survive and the other two are highly addictive.  Temptation is really everywhere in every form.  I didn’t even think much about sodas until I was giving them up.  Then I had to drink a parting 1 Liter on Sunday night (of course!) and I can only imagine how many cigarettes were smoked, coffee was drank or food was eaten by others that day.  We act as if giving something like soda or cigarettes or Facebook up is the end of the world so we need to fill up on it.  We aren’t bears and its not hibernation but might as well be.  I wonder if Binge and Purge is a cultural thing or just part of the human condition?

For me, Monday was an incredibly easy day for giving up soda/caffeine.  I didn’t go anywhere and I don’t have any soda in the house.  I do have a Keurig and lots of coffee pods for it but coffee isn’t really my caffeine nemesis, soda is.  I go all the time without drinking coffee which is why a Keurig was a great gift from my father for my 35th birthday.  Now if someone had bought me a Soda Stream, Monday would have been much more difficult.

Tuesday was different.   I started back to school on Tuesday.  I have decided I want to be a nurse when I finally decide to grow up and lucky for me there is a great school here that has a nursing program with a great reputation.  Of course since my degree is in sociology I have at least 4 semesters of pre-requisites to take before I can even apply to the actual nursing program.  
So Tuesday was day one and I only had 1 class and I brought a POM juice with me BUT I had errands to do after class before I headed home.  I even met my dad for lunch at Subway and instead of my typical soda with my sandwich I had a water.   I skipped the chips too because I knew chips would be salty and that would make me want the sweet of the soda.  

Even then yesterday was a cake walk compared today.  Mondays and Wednesdays are my big day.  I leave my house at 10 am and don’t get home til almost 10pm.   I didn’t take enough to drink and somehow I didn’t see a water fountain until 530pm.  The only thing that made it easier at first was I didn’t have any cash for the vending machines but when I drove to the other building (its a ways away and I had limited time or I would have walked) I could have gotten a soda.  Man I seriously thought about it.  

Now I know that the idea is to pray for strength and to remember what God gave up (his son) for people’s salvation.   I understand that but since I haven’t taken the dive back into the waters of the Bible yet I am just playing along for the giving something up for giving it up’s sake.   

I do want to post the sermons that explain the purpose for the fast BUT I still haven’t watched them.  So as incentive I will post them here for you to watch and then I will have no choice but to finally do it too (maybe I should have given up being a procrastinator for my fast!)

This is the First Sermon

And the Second

I wanted to add that just seeing the still frames made me realize I really miss this church.  I NEVER in my life thought I would say that and some days I wish I had someone here that could take me to a great little church like Oasis here.  And if any of my former church peeps are reading this blog I would love for you to comment just so I know you are out there 🙂


5 thoughts on “Temptation is Everywhere

  1. Hi Dy-Anne, I am glad you are blogging again, I’ve missed you!

    “I cannot imagine being someone who is actually doing something like giving up solid food…Temptation is really everywhere in every form” I know, right???? I am so not an effective ‘faster’. You know Lent – the original thing that brought you to make this blog – is a fast, right? It’s just not a full food fast, it’s what some people call a “partial” or “Daniel” fast. (A “Daniel Fast” is taken from Daniel 1:8-17 where Daniel and his friends don’t eat most of the food the king provides, but just veggies and water.)

    Do you miss your friends from Oasis church? Or do you miss the service? The relationships? The building? (haha, does anyone miss a building?) And as an aside? How did your new soccer team do this year?

    • Joni- Yes I realize that what brought me to this blog was a fast and I figured i would do it again for lent but this was a nice opportunity to bring it around a bit early – though I think the two will overlap – or come very close to it.

      I miss my friends from Oasis. I do miss the services but likely not for reasons you would appreciate (or maybe you would). The relationships I was building were nice. Strangely enough I actually helped bring a family to Oasis to replace mine because a good friend of mine was looking for a church home. I had invited her when we still lived there but she didn’t make it until a few weeks after we left and has stayed.
      As for the building – that’s funny you mention it. Oasis Christian Church was actually held in an elementary school multi-purpose room but recently they did purchase a new-to-them building. I think the building they purchased was perfect because it was a more central location and is surrounded by open lots that I am sure they could easily buy one or two if they ever needed to build additional buildings. Though I don’t know if they have moved in – I assume not because I haven’t seen any big posts on facebook about it. This is a good reminder for me to ask.

      As for soccer, there is no “new” team. Las Vegas does not have a Major League Soccer team and we don’t throw our soccer love around like that. We are devoted. Much like you probably wouldn’t move to India and become a Hindu, we don’t change our affiliation based on where we live. Though I understand that lots of sports fans do and that is ok, just not our style. The season ended miserably and the team basically lost almost every single game once we left Colorado. They are actually playing a pre-season game here in February which we already have tickets to :squeegee: and the season officially starts March 9th and if the soccer gods (and the IRS) smile on us we will be in Salt Lake City for the Rivalry game on March 16th.

      (this reply proves that soccer is truly my religion as look how i went on and on and you likely didn’t need or want that much information!)

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