No Surprise

Not that anyone who has been reading my blog since the beginning is surprised at all but I thought I would be able to give the going to church thing in Vegas a chance but there is no reason.  There is nothing pulling me into church.

I can say for sure that had we stayed in Colorado I would have kept attending church.  Maybe not regularly, but we would have gone here and there as I liked going and catching up with my dear friend Stef in person not just over the internet or via text.  I still get emails from the church and I haven’t been able to bring myself to unsubscribe.  I still follow them on Facebook and like hearing what’s going on. But it’s just that church.

The idea of getting up on Sunday morning, or even going out on a wednesday or saturday night to a church service just doesn’t do it for me and if I am not going to enjoy it then I really shouldn’t go.

So yeah I guess for now I am back to being the same person I was before except a little more tolerant and a little more forgiving and a lot more skeptical about Christianity.


5 thoughts on “No Surprise

  1. one of the gifts of God is choice. God is never mad at you and His greatest gift…He loves you…always! God is a gentlemen…He does not force Himself on you…He is waiting for you to come to Him and never grows tired of waiting and will celebrate the day you come home. keep searching

  2. Hi Dy-Anne, I was wondering how you were doing! I can understand why you’d not feel a pull to church in your new area. Having a relationship with someone makes all the difference. Maybe as you live there and meet other people at some point you will decide to visit another church again. Regardless, I really appreciated your blog and experiment, your honesty and your questions.

    I didn’t understand this though, ” am back to being the same person I was before except a little more tolerant and a little more forgiving and a lot more skeptical about Christianity.” The part I don’t understand is ‘a lot more skeptical about Christianity.’ You are an atheist, right? Isn’t that the ultimate skeptic of religion? So what about your experiment made you more skeptical of it?

    • I’m more skeptical because I have more knowledge than I did before. Being an atheist just means you don’t believe in any gods. I didn’t put a whole lot of thought into it but going to church made me more of an atheist. Like when you go to church you probably feel closer to god and it helps renew your faith but for me the actual lesson part of church would more often than not infuriate me. But I’m more tolerant because I see the pull Christianity has on people and they are just people trying to find their way and find answers to the unanswerable.

      I’m forgiving because I realize for many, what seems like being pushy with their religion is just sharing what they love. I want to take everyone to soccer with me cause I’m sure they will love it. Christians feel the same about Jesus. We both tend to be wrong.

  3. Hi, Dy-Anne,

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and for letting us know “where you are” right now.

    While my husband was searching for God (and Christ), he stopped and started the process over the years. I’m guessing that that may be the norm.

    And I’m guessing that when you read the above statement, you’ll be thinking that I’ll still be hoping and praying that you do find God – and Christ. From what you’ve written, it seems that you’ll be OK with that … I hope so.

    If somewhere in your heart and mind you’re still thinking – even if it’s in a very tiny way – that you might still want to believe, I hope that you’ll give yourself another chance in the future, whenever that might be.

    I’m wondering if maybe next time (if there is one) you might want to study in a non-church setting if you could find a good person to sit down one-on-one with. I just wish I knew someone in your area! I asked around but haven’t found anyone yet. One-on-one can address so many more issues in a timely fashion so that ideas don’t seem so irritating when they are just tossed out in a group setting without allowing for a lot of individual discussion.

    I keep your blog as one of the sites that comes up every day on my computer. I’ll continue to do so to see if you add any new entries …..

    God bless …….

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