Found a Church (at least for now)

Last Sunday we had a soccer game to go to here in Las Vegas. It was huge.  Real Madrid (the Italian League Champions) versus Club Santos Laguna (the MExican League Champions).   Real Madrid won 2-1 as expected though Santos put up a good fight.  It was a good game and I had a nice evening out with my husband and a friend (and no kids!)

Because my husband worked right before the game he had to meet me there so we obviously left separately.  He went straight home since he had to work in the morning and I went to get the kids from the babysitter’s house.  On the way I saw a sign in a strip mall that said “Epic Church.” I remember thinking that sounded interesting and I wondered if it really was “Epic.”

Well unlike every other church I have passed and I try to remember the name to, I actually remembered this one.  So it looks pretty cool.  Maybe even more laid back than my last church (if that is even possible).  So now instead of church in a school it will be church in a strip mall.

Its about 22 miles from my house so it’ll will have to be impressive to keep me going for more than 2 visits (I think twice  is fair, right?).  Though starting anew does bring up all the questions of before; do I admit my atheism right off? Do I keep it to myself and if so, for how long?  Should I just go with the flow?

This time I don’t have a friend to show me the ropes and I cannot believe I am actually excited but I’m going to jump back in and see how this all works out.


9 thoughts on “Found a Church (at least for now)

  1. Maybe just go at first and see how they welcome you without your telling them much of your background .. unless someone comes out and asks because they are interested in you as a person. Eager to hear more about this epic church! 🙂

  2. I just devoured this church’s website. It looks amazing! Really cool and laid back, which for me personally is one of the top requirements for a church. If I lived in Vegas I would definitely go check it out too. I hope it’s a positive experience for you. 🙂

  3. I agree with Susanne – keep some things to yourself until you know more of what the church is like. You wouldn’t walk into a grocery store and tell everyone you are Vegan, right? Congrats on finding a church to try! And how was the GAME????

  4. Dy-Anne, hi again,

    So glad you’ve found a church that you plan to attend. I’m still checking out some leads that I have about a good place to go and will let you know when/if they work out. I don’t have too many contacts in Las Vegas – sorry! [ Unless you count the “Pawn Stars” and the guy from “Counting Cars”! 😉 ]

    Meanwhile, I heard about this Web site and thought you might be interested: I have just started listening to the podcasts, and they seem good. I’ve heard they are not preacher-y and not disrespectful to people with different views. (Oh, and one of the podcasts has the graphic design of the Spaghetti Monster that you have on your own blog.)

    Meanwhile, I wish you continued good luck! Hope you’re managing to stay cool – I know it’s hard for us here in Louisiana and figure Las Vegas is even worse right now. Actually, I went to a convention there once in August. Switched the hot and humid Louisiana blanket of humidity for being thrown into the furnace!

    – Sallie

  5. I say just be honest. No need to tell if not asked but no need to lie about who you are if it does come up. Any true follower of Christ will be appreciative of your honesty and won’t judge you 🙂 Your path to the Lord (if that is where you end up) is your individual story 🙂

  6. Great post. As a pastor, I would not be at all offended if you were straight up about your beliefs. So maybe that’s a good test…just tell them right off the bat. If what we believe is true (as in consistent with reality), it will stand up to scrutiny.

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