8 days ago I spent the whole day driving from Sacramento to Las Vegas.  7 days ago we went to look at houses and found and applied for one we really liked in the area we liked.  6 days ago we got a call saying that we couldn’t get that house because we had large dogs and they only wanted to allow small dogs, but the listing agent had another house.  By then end of that day we found the house we wanted then spent then next 3 days getting utilities set up before we ever even signed the papers to move in.  Last Saturday we finally signed the papers and got the keys to our new house and have been moving stuff from storage in a car load per day.  Tomorrow we will pick up a moving van early in the morning (before it is deathly hot out) and move all of the stuff from storage into our home.  Just me and my husband and my two youngest (who are way too little to be anything but a hinderance).
I am happy we are here and it has been a very long drawn out process (about 8 months) that will finally come to an end once I unpack everything which I hope to have done before school starts the end of the month.

So anyone know of any good churches in Las Vegas?


6 thoughts on “Moved.

  1. Congratuations! That is wonderful to hear. 🙂
    I’m praying you are able to work around the two little ones creatively and unpack super quick!
    What a blessing!

  2. Dy-Anne,

    What great news! Congratulations!!!

    I am checking with my friends to see if anyone has any contacts in Las Vegas concerning churches. Will let you know if I hear of anything specific.

    Sounds as if you all are being blessed right now …..

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