Everything was such a slow start then – BOOM.  Explosion.  And everything moves at lightning speed.

Without my husband even going out to Las Vegas we have some more questions answered.

  •  He has accepted the job officially.
  • That job is technically with a different company even though the parent company remains the same
  • He has a start date.
  • He will be making more money (but just a little)
  • He gets to keep his original date of hire with the parent company.
  • He needs to be out there 4 days earlier than we expected this time around.


This really messes with our original plan.  He was going to leave on Thursday but since he needs to be there on thursday he is leaving tomorrow (tuesday).  My husband is going to get off work in the morning, come home, load up the moving van, then leave for Las Vegas.  Once he arrivesin Las Vegas (about 15 hours later) he is going to go to the place where we have a storage unit reserved and unload our life into a 10’x12′ space.  Then he can go to my dad’s house and sleep til morning when he has to meet with the bosses at what will soon be his new place of employment.

Its all happening  quickly.  We are all packed up essentially.  I think this is because we have been working on getting to this point since before Christmas.  The prospect of a big move is exciting and nerve racking at the same time.

I have been trying to keep up on reading the bible, going to church, etc but how does one do this with everything else going on?

I did try to read The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel but it was the student edition and therefore, I felt like it was written for 5th graders.  What I had been hoping for was a condensed version of the full book.  I am hoping  a full book is better and doesn’t just use the premise that the bible is 100% true to make all of his points and expect me to believe them.  (I did not finish the book, even in its shortened format, so maybe it was better later?)

My best example is if there was a nuclear war and all but a few died and the only book left was Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, would that mean that Dolphins are the smartest animals on the Planet?  Would that mean that the reason that almost all life had been obliterated was there was a mishap with the bulldozing of the Earth for a galactic bypass?   No, but you can bet that people would believe that because they had no other answers to their questions.  Instead of God there would be Douglas Adams and instead of Jesus there would be Arthur Dent.  And all those answers would be 42.

Its really not that far of a stretch.   My point here is that if an author is going to use logic and reason to convince me of an existence of God then it needs to do it with more than just its own guide to life.


4 thoughts on “42.

  1. I sure am glad you referenced Douglas Adams and Hitchhicker’s Guide, because that is exactly what I thought of when I saw the title…
    I have not read “The Case for Christ” so I can’t answer your wonderings on his writings. But I do think that as a thinking person that you wouldn’t get too much out of a student’s version. 😉 How unhelpful was that?
    Congrats on the job and (small) pay raise!

  2. Glad you’re trying out books like “The Case for Christ.” Actually, I liked “The Case for the Creator” better. Having said that, I also need to say that, to me, both were convincing, but then I came at it with a different outlook than you – so I can’t for sure say how you’ll like or relate to them. My husband, who was not a Christian at the time that we read them, liked both of them as well (which I think I already said in an earlier comment – can’t remember). Hope you give the full-length version a try …. Good luck with the move, the new job – and hope you all are feeling better by now!

  3. I read “The Case for Christ” several years ago and liked it. But I was already a believer so it wasn’t like I was trying to prove Jesus’ existence. On the other hand, the author says he wasn’t a believer when he researched this and was convinced enough by his studies *and* by his wife’s changed life. But you may read it and never be convinced. Weird how we are all different, huh? 🙂

    Sorry your husband had to leave earlier than expected. I wish him safe travels today, and lots of love to you as your manage the household and children without him.

  4. It can get so hectic at times when you are really trying to buckle down and make the effort to do devotions, be at services and spend time in prayer. I find that sometimes I just have to ask God to calm the storm a little each day and help me find time to do these things (as I often fail trying to do it on my own). Congratulations on your husband getting the official job offer and making more money! Even if it is a little bit, it all helps and it’s a step in the right direction! Praying that your move and transition to Vegas will be smooth!

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