Crazy Days

It has been a whirlwind of crazy around here lately.  The kids are out of school, everyone go sick and we are packing like mad people because all of our stuff is going to Las Vegas NEXT WEEK!

Ok not all of it but like 95% of it.  The rest is staying here with us for the month of June and will either be sold or donated right before the end of the month when I pack up myself and the kids and we head to California to visit family for the month of July.  We will find out the specifics of a job offer on the 11th when my husband is in Vegas yet again to meet with them.  At least when he goes this time it should end in something official.

We decided we are moving. Period.  There will be a start date and worst case is it is in October but best case it is the end of June.  Hence our stuff going down there now so that it is there when, for sure, the kids and I need to be there win August before school starts.

Did I mention we are on break already?  The kids aren’t getting on my nerves yet which is surprising but there are still 87 days of summer left for them to do so.

We haven’t been to church in a few weeks despite how I actually really wanted to go because they were doing the marriage series.  Everyone was sick and not all at once – that would be too convenient.  This virus has gone slowly through our house over the last 3 weeks.  The worst effected was the oldest and youngest girl.  The former ending up with an ear infection and the latter having a fever that hovered around 102 every night for a weekend (she would be fine in the morning making me think she was fine and therefore skipping urgent care).

Even though we won’t be here by July when the series will be “Ask the Pastor” I am going to use the next few weeks to come up with some good questions and then hopefully I can see the replies on You Tube.  (The services get put up every week)

In July we will be heading to church with my best friend (unless I can convince her to skip out every weekend for the beach!) So that will be a new experience with new people and hopefully lots of new stuff to write about.


7 thoughts on “Crazy Days

  1. will you post the link of your church’s you tube channel…would love to hear the messages about marriage too! :O) Glad you are having some resolve about the new job and the big move! That is very excitting! I will continue to pray for your family! Father give them peace as they make this big move, and meet new people, and grow comfortable in the new chapter in their lives. Thank you Father for your provisions over them and all that you are preparing them for! In Jesus name Amen!

  2. Dy-Anne,

    I haven’t commented recently b/c my husband and I were supposed to go on a trip, but lots of things have been happening about that, which have hampered my postings. I’ve still been reading the blog, though, and am glad that you’re planning to continue attending church and studying. Also glad your husband’s job situation is going well. You and yours are still in my thoughts and prayers. Hope you have a blast this summer and that the relocation plans go wonderfully.

    – Sallie

  3. I just have a quick question that I’m a little curious about. Would you consider yourself a humanist, or secular humanist? You just seem like that kind of person somehow. Good luck 🙂

    • That’s a good question if I had an answer. 😉 There’s a lot of labels out there and I’m not really familiar much with them. I looked the terms up on Wiki (figured in the case of societal labels Wiki is probably a great place to get info from) but the definitions seem so broad, almost all encompassing.

  4. Thanks for this update. You have a crazy life right now!! Enjoy your time with family and friends in sunny California!

    • Thank you but we aren’t. My oldest who had the ear infection now has a swollen throat. Since she was antibiotics I’m sure this is a virus. The baby also has a low fever which is probably a virus he caught from the big sister. I think my husband is still sick, but I’m not sure since he’s on hour 52 at work.

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