More Waiting

All went well in Las Vegas.  My husband passed the practical exam and met with HR.  He’s in the hiring pool.  They will offer him a job.

BUT it could be anytime in the next 90 days.

There is one person ahead of him on the list but that person only wants to work at one of the 2 companies ran by the operations in Las Vegas.  Scott doesn’t care in the least.  He just wants a job so we can move.  That will help him to get an offer sooner than later but right now the big problem is they are training 5 people who already work in that division for new roles.  So there is no one to train him if he came out.  So we have to wait for that to be done before he will get an offer.

So all the rushing we have been doing again comes to a halt.   I have almost every possible scenario worked out in my head and a few on paper but really what we all need, but especially me, is to not be living in a state of limbo.

I am ready to move. The only things I need to get this going is for Scott to get a job offer & a start date.

On the positive side of being in waiting is I am making some plans a little further out than next week.  At this point I am sure we will be here at least through the end of June and that opens up a few extra possibilities.  I’ll get to meet someone I have been friends with for awhile but never actually seen in person.  We will get to hit up a few more soccer games.  The kids will have more time with their friends.  My 3 year old will have more time in preschool which she loves so much.

There are lots of positives to a move happening sooner than later and the only real drawback to later is if it’s too late we risk the kids missing some school right at the beginning.  Its going to be a one enough summer already with a move – it doesn’t need to be longer (they don’t agree.)

So for now we just stop and wait.  I can deal with a holding pattern just as long as its not for too long.


5 thoughts on “More Waiting

  1. I hate the in between time. Once my husband was offered the job he actually had to leave right away and we were apart for a couple months. Hopefully you can use this calm period to do some of the “last minute” family activities! Definitely still praying for you and the family! 🙂

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