5 Weeks

Last Sunday I think my husband was probably a bit surprised to wake up not only with a toddler next to him but without me there and even more surprised to get up and find all the females in the house gone.  It wasn’t some big Mother’s Day thing I just decided to go to church.
My oldest begs me to go because she has a crush on one of the boys that attends  wants to see her friends.  My 8 year old daughter just likes going to anything like this and as I have said before its a bit of peace and time without my kids so why not?

I am glad that I went this week.  Not because it is going to fulfill my spirit but because the church is doing a 5 week series on Marriage.  It is incredibly timely considering the vote in North Carolina last week and just tonight the Colorado House shot down a civil union bill.

I am going to make it my goal to go every sunday for the next 5 weeks simply because I want to hear what the church has to say about all facets of marriage.  I also wonder if I will be able to earn anything.  I think that my husband and I have  pretty good marriage.  Ups and downs like everything in life but overall, it is good, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make it better does it?  In this case, I will take my advice from every where and use what I like and discard what doesn’t sound like its right for us.

By the way, if all goes well, in the next 48 hours we will know if the sunday 5 weeks from now will be our last here in Colorado or not.


4 thoughts on “5 Weeks

  1. Do you think you might check out a church in Vegas if you move? If so, I know one that our church consulted with to start their own Joy Prom, and I could tell you what it is.

    (BTW, so glad you’re still blogging! I was sad when Lent ended because I thought this blog would too!)

    • I am thinking about another church 🙂 I am thinking of maybe hitting up a denominational one. Baptists, Catholic, something I’ve never attended as a parishioner. Catholic church would at least give me a pretty building to Oooh and ahhh over.

      And yes still blogging just infrequently because of the crazy life right now. I know you can relate.

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