Quick Sunday Thoughts

Church is in an hour. I don’t really want to go. I have a lot of laundry to do, diapers to wash (we use cloth diapers), a kitchen to clean and weather that would be perfect for cleaning out the garage.

BUT none of that would get done anyway, so the youngest 2 and I will go.

I’m sure this is really what it’s like to be a Christian mom.


5 thoughts on “Quick Sunday Thoughts

  1. I get the premise of this blog (or at least I think I do, I haven’t read through every one of your posts yet, so you have answered this in a previous post…), but the question I want to ask is: why are you doing this? I’m curious to know what motivated you to make this change in your life.

    • Long story (which can be found in the very first post) is that I was challenged to do this by a friend. It was Lent and much like i celebrate christmas I use lent as a time to try to give something up (which usually means breaking a bad habit like drinking pop). Since lent is over I kept going to church cause my kids liked it and it gave me the opportunity to talk to them about Christianity which is important because it is the majority religion in our country.

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