What are You Trying to Gain?

I have been asked multiple times in many different ways what I am trying to do here.  I have never really answered because I am not 100% sure.  This isn’t a formal experiment so there is no hypothesis.  This was not even my idea.  I did not wake up one morning and decide that I was going to try to be a Christian for awhile.  I am not trying to prove or disprove the existence of a god.  Honestly I don’t think it can be proven or disproven (I will write more about proof later.)

I still do not really know what I am trying to do right now.  I was just challenged to step outside my norm and do something different.  I doubt many others would step outside their beliefs and try it a different way.  I mean how many Christians would decide to spend 45 days of their life as a Muslim? Granted “being” a Christian, especially one at a non-denominaital church, is fairly easy in the US so maybe the example of a Muslim isn’t fair but hopefully you understand my point.

One thing this has done was give me the necessary kick in the pants to read the bible and try to analyze it.  I have never read Twilight because I am not interested in vampires and I have never read the bible as an adult because I was not interested in it.  Of course no one has ever tried to convert me to being a sparkling blood sucker so I never really needed to debate the existence of vampires either.

I am not going to try to convince people to not believe in God either.  I have tried to tell my 8 year old daughter recently that there is no Santa, Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy and that didn’t go ever very well; I know the same would be true with trying to convince Christians to change their belief.  If someone is going to change their beliefs it will come in its own time and own way.  Hopefully with my 8 year old it is sooner than later cause I am tired of hearing about the horrible job the tooth fairy has done in the past year.

What I would like is for the Christians who read this blog and who are interacting with me in church to realize that Atheists are normal everyday people and you probably already interact with a few on a regular basis you just don’t realize it.  I would love for some American Christians (obviously not all do this) to stop complaining about being persecuted.  You are the majority in this country; until that changes complaining to Atheists about being persecuted is like Caucasians complaining about Affirmative Action being unfair.

I think if something is going to come from this, for me, it is a better understanding of why Christians think they way they do.  I have already become more tolerant of the proselytizing; the constantly trying to convert Atheists in the best case or in the worst proclaiming our obvious descent into hell after death.  I have been able to step away and see the other side and I have also seen how nasty and mean some Atheists can be when it comes to Christians and vice versa.

I already understand why Christians care so much.  They truly believe they are trying to help you for eternity.  Hopefully this will help other Atheists realize this while at the same time help Christians realize that unless we ask for your help in finding god you just look pushy.  So for now I guess the ultimate goal is maybe just a higher level of tolerance for everyone involved in this blog, either through readership or through their personal interactions with me.

Atheists are as good without God as Christians are with Him.


5 thoughts on “What are You Trying to Gain?

  1. I’m following your blog from Chile…I’m an American Christian living outside America on the premise of being a missionary. I won’t say a lot more here except that there are those of us who realize many of the things you are saying, appearances to the contrary, and who struggle with the same questions, albeit from the other side of the coin. Thanks for being honest.

  2. Thank you for your honesty. 🙂 I am a follower of Christ…& before I sound weird or silly, I choose to not call myself a christian simply because many americans do without truely walking out the Bible, but say because the go to church from time to time…but also I do not say this to boast or that calling myself a Christian is not good enough. My desire is to be someone who truely shows the love of Christ first in my actions and doing then in words. This life, journey, we are on is certainly not an easy road, and I wanted to say it is inspiring to read your thoughts & see you seeking knowledge of something more to see if it has meaning or truth. After reading 2 of your posts (I read the more recent then this one

    • Sorry…that posted before I had finished writting! Lol. I guess multitasking mommies should put the phone down before proceeding…
      So I will finish my thoughts, unfortunatly the church has been sleeping for quiet some time & is being awakend. Many a christian, and I will include myself as to humbly say that I miss the mark when instead I should live in boldness & love daily. Many people seem to fear what a persons reaction will be in the negative so they may not share Christ. Others may feel uncomfortable in what to say at all. Others still have read the Bible, and feel a deep love for God but are missing intimacybe bless with the Father. I have not arrived…I am still missing the mark, because as humans we forget & see negative so much easier so we tend to sink in & get comfortable in it…I know I have. I say all this to say, I am sorry that those in your life missed the mark, but I am confidant where you are right now will lead you tbo a new place..b.to intimacy, and a new sense of God you may not have experienced yet. I also wanted you to know I will pray for you thru this journey. & would love to talk with you more if you are interested.

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