What no Flames? Day 4

Funny thing happened yesterday.  I have a friend who is having her first baby and yesterday was her shower.  It was at a Church.   An actual brick and mortar church.  But I couldn’t get in.  The doors would not open for me.  No one else had this problem, not before I got there or after.  Just me.

I’m positive it is just coincidence – but a hilarious one at that.

Also I did not burst into flames, no lightening struck me and no other strange fate befell upon me.  Not that anyone actually expected that, right?*

I have been doing some research to help me address some of the questions and statements I have read in the comments of this blog, on my Facebook,  and other places where my friends have spammed this blog to their friends.  I found this tidbit of genius – I understand it is on a parody site but I really believe rings true and the author brings up valid points.

10 Things Christians and Atheists Can (and MUST) Agree On


(used from The Catholic School Atheist- original designer unknown)

am working on the post about going to church today.  God willing I will finish it tonight. (see what I did there?)

*It is not an actual belief among Atheists that we will burst into flames upon entering a church but just a joke.  Though if it did happen to me I would probably convert if I survived.


2 thoughts on “What no Flames? Day 4

  1. Better late commenting than never (hopefully). I must say, this incident WAS funny, and if I were in your shoes, I would have just laughed and laughed.

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